IMPETUS was founded in New York in 1984 and transferred its activities in Athens, Greece in 1991, where it attracted a number of highly qualified professionals in various disciplines. IMPETUS' corporate knowledge represents a unique combination of fundamental scientific and engineering principles and "leading edge" technologies. Work has been done in different engineering areas and we have qualified personnel to implement all tasks lined above and provide effective and cost efficient services that exactly meet our customers' needs. Our project management skills, with our research, planning, engineering, development and assessment in multiyear projects, provide with 25 years of experience (company started in New York in 1984) value added services to public and private clients. We place strong emphasis on the implementation of new technologies for keeping abreast of fast changing needs. We have conducted pilot programs and have advanced the state-of-the-art methodologies in specific areas of applications at a world-wide level.

Company's Affiliation

New York Academy of Science, Center of Earth Observation (CEO), International Institute for Safety (IIS-USA), Transportation Research Board (USA), Transport Engineering Society, New York, Environment Emergency Management (Chairmanship – 3 years – Brussels), International Emergency Management (Copenhagen). International Institute for Risk Assessment (IIRA-USA), Intelligent Transportation Systems Council (USA), Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE), American Society of Engineers (ASCE - USA), Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE – USA), Greek Society of Civil Engineers, Transport Demand Management Council (USA), Greek Society of Transport Engineers.

Selected Public Organisations

European Commission, Greek Ministry of Environment, Regional Planning and Public Works, Greek Ministry of Culture (Archeological Dept.), Greek Ministry of Mercantile Marine, Greek Ministry Of Aegean, Greek Ministry of Defence (Naval Department), Greek Ministry of Education, General Hospital (251) of Ministry of Defence, Greek Public Power Corporation (PPC), Greek Hellenic Telecommunications (OTE), Greek Water Company (EYDAP), Hellenic Railway Organisation (OSE), Municipality of Piraeus, Port of Patras, Port of Piraeus, Port Autonomie Le Havre (FR), National Technical University of Athens, University of Athens, Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, University of Aegean (Research Department), University of Patras, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ), New York State DOT (Dept. Of Transport), JFK Airport Authority, New Jersey Dept. of Transport (State), Massachussets Dept. of Transport (State), New York City , New York City – Transport & Planning Dept., Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Authority.

Selected Private Organisations

Aktor S.A., ERGAS S.A., ERGON Capital Inc., Pantechniki S.A., Archirodon S.A., JP-Avax S.A., Attikat S.A., Attiki Odos, JV, Thermaiki Odos S.A., Danaos Shipping Agency Ltd. (Shipping Company), Elpetrol S.A. (Crude Oil Company), Hellenic Aerospace Industry, Hellenic Industry of Vehicles S.A. (ELBO), Ioniki Bank of Greece, Kiss FM (Private radio station), Labrakis Foundation, Lambraki Organisation of Journalism (DOL), M.B. Moundreas Shipping Co. S.A. (Shipping Company), Mariner Boating Ltd. (Shipping Company), Meton S.A., National Bank of Greece, Paloil S.A. (Crude Oil Company), PYRKAL S.A., (from Greece)

International Collaborators - LABORG Libya, ERGON Libya, Sorensen Libya, TIDCO Libya, PANYNJ (New York), New York City Planning Council, Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Authority (New York), J&P (Cyprus), J&P Overseas (Abu Dhabi), Femenco (Dubai), Italcantieri (Italy-Emirates), Italtel (Italy), Marelli Power (Italy), Daimler Benz (Germany), Dornier (Germany), TMSA (Morocco), TDA (Tourist Development Association – Cairo).

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About Impetus S.A.
August 2012 – IMPETUS is the leader of the research project Border-GUARDS (funded by ERDF 2007-2013) which aims to the development of a web based enterprise system, allowing the integration of current Earth Observation capabilities, into the operational border surveillance infrastructure. Although, modular and expandable, the system is built initially with focus over the Aegean Sea and the Evros River border zone, where the mass irregular border crossing activity occurs. The system will comprise a central cell enabling the incorporation of the national border surveillance infrastructure on the future EUROSUR, that is the vision of the European Commission for a centralized European External Border Surveillance System
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ July 2012 – IMPETUS just completed the Feasibility Study for a sea border Surveillance System in North Aegean for the Ministry of Merchant Marine (former Ministry of Citizen Protection). The study has been accepted from all the relevant Protection Committees.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ July 2010 - Impetus S.A. successfully completed the Fire Protection Disaster Management Framework Project for the Prefecture of East Attica. Its objective is the effective protection of Eastern Attica from the natural destructions (fires), the aid of regional development management, the upgrade of the quality of life, the protection of the environment and the viable growth of the mountainous region of the Prefecture..
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ May 2010 - IMPETUS together with FORTHcrs (Union of Companies), currently implement a computerized solution for the management of the Passengers’ flow, which covers the functional needs of the Tangier Med port activity. The IS solution is based on an open and adaptable architecture and it constitutes an action and decision instrument adapted to the operational management of the Passengers port.

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